How can I apply to DEVA Holding?

Job applications to DEVA Holding and its subsidiaries are received over You may also look for open positions on web page and submit an application for positions which you think are suitable for your qualifications.

What are the current vacancies?

Click for available job vacancies

How does the process continue after submitting an application?

Following the collection of job applications eligible candidates are invited to attend an interview by the Human Resources Department. At this stage, various exams and personality tests are given depending on the position. Candidates passing the first interview are directed to department managers as the second stage.

Will I be able to get a positive or negative response to my job application?

Responses, positive or negative, to all job applications are made by phone or by mail over

What fringe benefits will I have if I am employed?

Fringe benefits vary according to each position. You shall be informed about your fringe benefits when a job offer is made.

Are there any internship opportunities available at DEVA?

DEVA Holding offers internship opportunities for university students who are required to complete compulsory internship during summer and for Vocational High school students during winter in line with its internal needs.

How long do internships last?

High school students are offered internship opportunities from October to June whereas university students from June to October. Winter internships destined for high school students continue during the academic term within a year whereas summer internships offered to university students may last one or several months depending on the intensity of projects, needs of departments and requests of students.