GMP Inspections

In 2017, our Kartepe, Çerkezköy-1 and Çerkezköy-2 sites have been fully inspected for GMP compliance and approved by the Turkish, Kenyan and Iraqi healthcare authorities.

In addition, Çerkezköy-1 and Çerkezköy-2 sites have also been inspected for GMP compliance for veterinary medicinal products and approved by the Bulgarian healthcare authority.

Export of Medicinal Products for Human Use

Agreements with overseas pharmaceutical companies and distributors were continued to be made in 2017, and sale of the products to overseas markets with DEVA brand and license agreements continued as main business models in 2017 as well.

In 2017, in which new agreements and strategies continued producing results, export of DEVA’s medicinal products for human use and raw materials increased by 21.5% compared with the previous year, amounting approximately USD 17.8 Million.

The strategy for global growth is being maintained on two primary approaches, i.e. entering new markets and reinforcing our position in current markets with new approvals. In 2017, a total of 112 authorizations were approved in 28 countries, totaling 544 authorizations in 55 countries.

With the FDA approval we obtained in 2016, we realized our first export to the United States or America, largest pharmaceutical market of the world, with our product Esomeprazol we manufacture at our Kartepe manufacturing facility in April 2017.

Shortly after in November, our second export to the USA took place with Temozolomide.

Our imatinib sales we started in Germany with Devatis gained pace with our participation in the tenders of 8 different tenderer companies. We also won new tenders of the leading insurance companies in Germany with our other oncology products. We won tenders while we were busy with the DEVA NZ brand in the New Zealand and we continued to grow.

In other countries, we signed new distributorship agreements and continued to make new product launches; we made new sales and supply agreements with Russia, signed distributorship agreements with the largest drug delivery companies in Pakistan and Vietnam, and took a new step towards reinforcing our power in the tender market in Costa Rica. We realized our first product export to Kyrgyzstan.

We won tenders of ministries of health in several countries in the Balkans, thus making DEVA hospital product line known in these countries as well. We also won new tenders in Albania over the year. We take pride in seeing DEVA products in pharmacy shelves in more countries with each passing day. We signed tenders and new agreements for oncology products in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco in North Africa.

Promotional Activities in the International Arena

As our business operations grow rapidly on the global scale, we also announced our presence in this market towards greater reputation through the expositions we took part. For this purpose, we participated in the CPhI Worldwide, the world’s largest pharmaceutical and medicinal product ingredient exposition held in Frankfurt this year, and reinforced our business contacts.

We accomplished important communications for the North America market during the DCAT Meetings which is held in New York and gathers the leading players of the pharmaceutical industry. We participated in CPhI, Eurasia’s most comprehensive medicinal product and raw material exposition, as the main sponsor and perused new business opportunities.

We took part in the Pakmedica fair held in Lahore, Pakistan, and held meetings for new business opportunities.

Participating in these and other similar international organizations throughout 2017, DEVA Holdings communications network in this field was extended, setting the groundwork for agreements with new business partners.

The major congresses and expositions DEVA participated in:

Arabhealth - United Arab Emirates

Pharmagora Plus – France

CPhI Istanbul – Turkey

CPhI North America – USA


Europlex – Vienna

Pakmedica – Pakistan

CPhI Worldwide – Germany

In 2017, product training support was provided to the sales and marketing teams of our business partners with the support of our medical and products managers, and product launches were realized in different countries including Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Ethiopia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.